Hello Canadian Athletes,

Last year Team Larisa started a small initiative as a token of my appreciation for all the support the Canadian ski community, and specifically Ontario ski community, has shown me through the years. 

Throughout the 2015 ski season Team Larisa worked with head coaches and administrators at a number of Southern Ontario ski clubs. We were looking for skiers who had demonstrated certain traits we find key to being a successful athlete.

The “Brave Badge" initiative began.  After chatting with my financial department and my art department(brothers 1 & 2), we came up with an idea to recognize skiers who did something brave in their athletic pursuits. This badge wasn’t necessarily given out to the fastest young racer, nor the most improved.

The Brave Badge is given out to skiers who take a chance on themselves, believe in their own strength, and work really hard to take a leap in a situation that would normally present them with a formidable obstacle. 

This year we are on the hunt again. The difference this year is that we are expanding our search. Team Larisa is looking through all ranks of young Canadian athletes.

As a racer myself I feel particularly excited to offer these modest symbols of bravery to  young athletes of all areas of sport. 

Starting immediately your coaches will be keeping an eye out, looking for these acts of bravery. I’m sure each badge earned will come with it’s own exciting story. I’ve always felt that I never knew who I’d run in to on the chair lift. So, wear your badges with pride, and when someone asks what the badge symbolizes share your story knowing that you have performed bravely.

- Ski Fast, 


Olympian & Founder of Team Larisa

To enrol, please contact larisaracing@gmail.com for badges!